Halftone Lines in Photoshop  by Chris McVeigh

Step 1: Open your file in Photoshop. Create a mask for the shape/area you want to halftone. In my screenshot, you can see I’ve isolated the yellow.
Halftone Lines in Photoshop
Step 2: Select the contents of the mask, copy it and then choose File->New. Photoshop will suggest a document size equal to what you’ve got in the clipboard, but to be comfortable, expand that size by 20-30 pixels in each direction.
Halftone Lines in Photoshop
Step 3: In the new file, choose Layer->New Layer->Gradient, and add a white to black gradient from top to bottom.
Halftone Lines in Photoshop
Step 4: Choose Image->Mode->Greyscale and then Image->Mode->Bitmap. Output should be the same resolution as input, and method should be Halftone Screen. Click OK. Now, on the next screen, you need to set your Frequency and Angle for the Halftone. In order to have the lines readily visible, choose a low frequency between 18-24. Angle is somewhat arbitrary, but I’ve chosen 33°. Shape should be set to Line. Now click OK to create the gradient.
Halftone Lines in Photoshop
Step 5: Select All, and then copy the newly halftoned gradient. Now return to the original document.
Halftone Lines in Photoshop
Step 6: Choose the shape layer that you want to add the gradient to and choose Layer->Duplicate Layer. So in my example, I’ve chosen my yellow solid fill layer, which is masked to show the word “GOOD.” After I duplicated it, I changed the layer color to red. This will work equally well if you’ve just got a color object on a regular layer, so long as you’re able to change the color of the object.
Halftone Lines in Photoshop
Step 7: Once you’ve duplicated the layer, click it once to select it and choose Layer->New Group from Layers. Now choose Layer->Layer Mask->Hide All. This adds an opaque mask to the layer, so the new color will momentarily disappear.
Halftone Lines in Photoshop
Step 8: Click the group layer mask thumbnail to select it, and then go to channels. (Window->Show Channels, if necessary). Under the RGB and Red, Green Blue channels, you will see the mask layer for the group. Click it to select it, and then click the eye icon area to make it visible. Now choose File->Paste to pop in your halftoned gradient from the other document. Carefully position it over the object you want halftoned, and then click the eye icon to hide the mask layer. You should now see the gradient over the object!
Halftone Lines in Photoshop
Halftone Lines in Photoshop

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