Design Placement  by Shirtoid

“Location, location, location!” Location has a lot to do with the success of a walk-in business. Well, the same holds true for the design placement on a t-shirt. The best design you’ve ever created can fail if you place it poorly on a shirt. Most people wearing a graphic tee don’t want to draw your eyes down to their abdomen.

The next time you place a design on an image submission template, don’t just past it into the center of the canvas. Be intentional about the design’s position on the canvas. Unless your design is intended to be oversized or an all-over print, consider placing the image on the chest. It will be more appealing to your fans, which in turn, makes them more likely to become customers.

Design Placement

Office Gangsters
Why So Sirius?
A Most Excellent Adventure
Wookiees Baseball
I Walt Chemistry
Jake Green Is My Homeboy
Shirtoid One
Doctor Too
Badly Broken
Fleet of Toasters