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More Cowbell
Thespian Mutant Nicolas Turtles
Ministry of Silly Fighters – The Black Knight vs The Taunter
Memorial Concert
Refuse Tyranny, Obey Cthulhu
I Still Believe
1988 Fight Night Raw – Bloodsport vs. First Blood
Super Cash Bros – Musk ‘n’ Zuck
Jurassic Park Fighter – Ray Arnold vs. Dennis Nedry
Jurassic Park Fighter – T-Rex vs. Ian Malcolm
Time Fighters 12th vs 13th
Time Fighters 10th vs 11th
Time Fighters War vs 9th
Time Fighters 3rd vs 4th
Jack Black – School of Rock vs. Tenacious D
Never Gonna Give You Up!
Mahna Mahna
The Dark Side of the Pint
Michael Keaton Fighter – Beetlejuice vs. Batman
Hold on to your Butts
Chris Farley Fighter – Tommy Boy vs. Matt Foley
Big Bada Boom
Getting Too Old
X-Gon’ Give It To Ya!
Christian Bale Fighter – The Bat vs. The Psycho
You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat
Alan Rickman Fighter – The Terrorist vs. The Teacher
Candy Fighter – The Salesman vs. The Mawg
Nic Flair
Merry Christmas Muhfukka
Rainbow Connection
The Electric Mayhem
Don’t Call Me a Peck
Super Christmas Bros
All I Want For Christmas Is You!
Hey You Guys
Epic Handshake
Brendan Bunch
Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins
Gods of Gore – The Hell Priest vs. The Butcher
Friday I’m In Love
Die Hard is a Christmas Movie
Make Heckling Great Again!
Freddy Krueger
Horror Fighter – The Camper vs. The Nightmare
Nostalgia Legends – The Mogwai vs. The Prototype
Pizza the Hutt is Gonna Send Out For You
If It Bleeds We Can Kill It
Cash Rules