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Michael Keaton Fighter – Beetlejuice vs. Batman
Jim Carrey Fight Night – The White Devil vs The Mask
Marley and Marley
Rubik’s Penrose Triangle
Come In and Know Me Better, Man
No More Misbehavin’
For Those About to Bork
Ledger Fighter – The Bad Boy vs. The Joker
Chunk Norris
Last Christmas
Tom Hardy Fighter – The Darkness vs. The Symbiote
I’m Here For The Food
Joaquin Phoenix Fight – The Clown vs. The Joker
Dan Aykroyd Fighter – The Brother vs. The Buster
Xmas Fighter – Abominable Snowman vs Jack Frost
Light the Lamp Not the Rat
Merry Christmas Muhfukka
You’re the Best Around
Golden Axe Girls
Thespian Mutant Nicolas Turtles
More Cowbell
Ministry of Silly Fighters – The Black Knight vs The Taunter
Memorial Concert
Refuse Tyranny, Obey Cthulhu
I Still Believe
1988 Fight Night Raw – Bloodsport vs. First Blood
Super Cash Bros – Musk ‘n’ Zuck
Jurassic Park Fighter – Ray Arnold vs. Dennis Nedry
Jurassic Park Fighter – T-Rex vs. Ian Malcolm
Time Fighters 12th vs 13th
Time Fighters 10th vs 11th
Time Fighters War vs 9th
Time Fighters 3rd vs 4th
Jack Black – School of Rock vs. Tenacious D
Never Gonna Give You Up!
Mahna Mahna
The Dark Side of the Pint
Hold on to your Butts
Chris Farley Fighter – Tommy Boy vs. Matt Foley
Big Bada Boom
Getting Too Old
X-Gon’ Give It To Ya!
Christian Bale Fighter – The Bat vs. The Psycho
You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat
Alan Rickman Fighter – The Terrorist vs. The Teacher
Candy Fighter – The Salesman vs. The Mawg
Nic Flair
Rainbow Connection
The Electric Mayhem