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Michael Keaton Fighter – Beetlejuice vs. Batman
Jim Carrey Fight Night – The White Devil vs The Mask
For Those About to Bork
Last Christmas
Dan Aykroyd Fighter – The Brother vs. The Buster
Xmas Fighter – Abominable Snowman vs Jack Frost
Light the Lamp Not the Rat
Merry Christmas Muhfukka
Thespian Mutant Nicolas Turtles
Ministry of Silly Fighters – The Black Knight vs The Taunter
Jurassic Park Fighter – Ray Arnold vs. Dennis Nedry
Jurassic Park Fighter – T-Rex vs. Ian Malcolm
Jack Black – School of Rock vs. Tenacious D
Chris Farley Fighter – Tommy Boy vs. Matt Foley
Getting Too Old
Nic Flair
Hey You Guys
Epic Handshake
Brendan Bunch
Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins
Gods of Gore – The Hell Priest vs. The Butcher
Die Hard is a Christmas Movie
Freddy Krueger
Horror Fighter – The Camper vs. The Nightmare
Pizza the Hutt is Gonna Send Out For You
If It Bleeds We Can Kill It
Cash Rules
Nolite te Bastardes Carborundorum
Prepare to Die
Goldblum Axe
Kilmer Instinct – The Bat vs. The Iceman
I’m Your Huckleberry
Tom Cruise Fighter – Top Gun vs Mission Impossible
I Pity the Fool
DeVito Fighter – Trashman vs Penguin
The Rock World Tour – Fanny Pack vs. Fashionista
Super Smash Leo’s – Wolf of Wall Street vs. Django
Burton Fighter – Pee Wee vs Mars Attacks!
Xmas Fighter – Santa vs Elf
Jim Carrey Fight Night – The Grinch vs The Mask
Super Mike Myers – Halloween vs Waynes World
Robin Williams Fighter – Jumanji vs Mrs Doubtfire
Street Fraser
Street Fraser
Nugs, Chillin’ & Grindage
King of Pop Fighters – Smooth Criminal vs Speed Demon
King of Pop Fighters – Beat It vs. Billie Jean
Eddie 2 Rumble – Coming to America