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A word of advice. Jailbreak your own devices. Don’t jailbreak for friends and family. Even if the device is untethered, they’ll end up tethered to YOU. Folks you have to troubleshoot should wander in padded, protected corridors of white. Best that way.

Let’s think of Apple as a restaurant and iOS as the ice cream section. There are different flavors depending on what you’re feeling like and you can choose a cake cone or a sugar cone, but your options are pretty limited. The trick is, there’s a full sundae bar. And it’s so frustrating, because you can see all the toppings right there, just out of your reach behind the protective plexiglass. And you’re all, “But I want hot fudge and infinite rainbow sprinkles,” and they’re all, “Sorry. Hot fudge and infinite rainbow sprinkles aren’t approved,” with a shrug. This shirt is for folks who feel the need to make their own sundaes. We stand with you. But remember, if you come in and tell the restaurant manager that your melange of gummy bear and sardine ice cream made your tummy hurt, he’s likely to laugh you out of the restaurant.

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Jailbreak It




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