Retro Arcadesteroids

1 Player Start

We don’t need no stinkin’ joysticks. Give us five buttons, and we can clear out the universe of both alien ships and those pesky rocks. Rotate left. Rotate right. Hyper Space (what? that’s how it was printed on the machine!). Thrust. Fire. The end.

There have been over 50k Asteroids arcade cabinets (both upright and cocktail) produced by Atari, making it the bestselling arcade game of all time. To say Atari underestimated its popularity would be an understatement. We all know the stories about Asteroids machines shipped in Lunar Lander cabinets. Did you know that arcades had to replace the coin boxes that came with the machines because they couldn’t hold all the quarters we were pumping into them? And, of course, the high score rolls over at 99,999 points, making the one we have on this shirt impossible. Which is okay since this isn’t Asteroids. It’s Arcadesteroids. Now, see, that sounds like a video game performance-enhancing drug. “Did you check Billy Mitchell for doping? I heard he’s been doing arcadesteroids.”

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Retro Arcadesteroids




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