Going where they’ll treat me right

“Going where they’ll treat me right” by jasneko

He’d read all of the history about Ancient Egypt and how it was rumored to be a cat paradise. He’d heard how not only did Ancient Egyptians like cats, but they apparently worshiped them, even mummifying them when they were deceased. He could live there and be treated like a king. It would be a paradise.

So he stepped into his cardboard box time machine and said goodbye to the 21st century.

But nothing happened. Of course nothing happened. He was standing in a cardboard box. Traveling in time isn’t as simple as writing a few words on a box, meowing a destination, and then wha-la, you’re there! Sheesh, he should’ve known that. Even I know that.

Okay, okay. He did try, though, and he put a little bit of effort into it, so we should commemorate him for it. I guess.

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Going where they’ll treat me right

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