Double R Cafe

“Double R Cafe” by David Eberhardt aka kgullholmen

Every day, once a day , give yourself a present. Don’t plan it. Don’t wait for it. Just let it happen – and if it’s not.FBI-approved coffee or a cherry pie that kills you … why not a Twin Peaks themed shirt that has all of the above + Coop himself AND tons of Twin Peaks eerieness going on?

•try our DAMN FINE COFFEE (may be hot)
•stay for our CHERRY PIE filled with secrets
•Cooper. Dale Cooper. Special Agent Dale Cooper! +1 COOPER QUOTE
•original Double R Diner neon sign
•the lonely TP traffic light swinging from
•the Owl cave symbol (also to be found on Coop’s tie)
•the Black Lodge floor tiles form the eponymous Twin Peaks

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Double R Cafe


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