Sailor Mushroom

“Sailor Mushroom” by PrimePremne

1. Princess Peach as the iconic blonde protagonist Sailor Moon
2. Princess Shokora as the dark and mysterious Sailor Jupiter (Wario Land 4)
3. Ashley as the little and destructive Sailor Saturn (WarioWare)
4. Queen Merelda as the beautiful, sea-ravages, emerald theme Sailor Neptune (Wario Land: Shake It!)
5. Mona as the stubborn, strong-willed driver Sailor Uranus
6. Rosalina as the wise, blue themed Sailor Mercury
7. Capt. Syrup as the athletic and powerful Sailor Jupiter (Wario Land games)
8. Princess Daisy as the de jure leader and lovely orange themed Sailor Venus
9. Pauline as hot, red themed Sailor Mars
10. Toadette as the petite, pink themed Sailor Chibi Moon

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Sailor Mushroom


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