Floor Is Lava & Tactics

“Floor Is Lava & Tactics” by midgerock


Imagination gives you a pretty big perk above the fancy electronics of today. It never runs out of batteries. Imagination has no limits. So get out there and prove you can make that jump from the chair to the couch. It might be your only chance.

A tried and true game of our youth, The Floor Is Lava takes a true master to win the day. Jumping skills are not enough to save you from the perils of the floor. You need to be cunning, you need to have wits, and it also helps if you have the strategy guide. We don’t have that last one, but we do have a pretty nifty shirt.

Relive the imagination fueled days of your childhood with this red, 100% cotton, shirt depicting a lone warrior facing down a demon while navigating the perilous lava floor.

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Floor Is Lava & Tactics





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