Macho Man Video Game

“Macho Man” Randy Savage did it all in the wrestling ring. Savage thrilled audiences, won championships, and blazed a trail that led to the WWE Hall of Fame. Imagine if you could relive Randy Savage’s iconic career in a video game. This Macho Man Video Game t-shirt shows what the cartridge artwork would look like if “Macho Man” Randy Savage appeared in his own Pro Wrestling game. The shirt shows an 8-bit version of Savage posing in his trademark sunglasses and ring attire. A wrestling ring and an audience appear behind Savage. The shirt also shows sunglasses along with Randy Savage’s signature catchphrase, “Ooh Yeah” and a seal that shows Macho Man’s head in the center. You felt the Macho Madness every time Randy Savage stepped in the squared circle. Feel the Madness again each time you wear this Macho Man Video Game t-shirt. Everyone that sees you wearing this Macho Man Video Game t-shirt will immediately know that you are a fan of Randy Savage. Ooh Yeah!

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Macho Man Video Game

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