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You know that show with the baby sloth orphanage? If somebody wanted to create a channel that ran that every day, 24×7, we’d be okay with that. Tiny sloth pajamas made out of socks!

Weird fact time: it can take up to a month for a sloth to digest a meal. So if you give one a Baby Ruth, it’s going to make the most of it. For the next month.

Also, if you pick on one, it’ll go tell it’s big brother (very slowly), and you’re going to be sorry (eventually). Did we mention its big brother is from the Pliocene epoch? From the fossil record, it looks like sloths the size of rhinoceroses roamed the earth then.

Sloths have the lowest body temperature of any mammal, which is why they require so much hugging. And also pajamas made out of socks.

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Hey, You Guys

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