Schrödinger’s Cat vs. Pavlov’s Dog

So Schrödinger’s cat vs. Pavlov’s dog. In a one vs. one fight who wins? Well, the first main difference is that Schrödinger’s cat was a hypothetical experiment (or was it?), while Pavlov’s dog was real. The loyalty. Real. The drool. Real. The need for a mop. Real. Real as he might be, though, it’s definitely not in the canine’s favor that each round of a fight typically starts with a bell. Plus the feline, if it exists, comes equipped with a box, a radioactive isotope, and a hammer. You generally don’t want to give a cat tools. It remembers the time Erwin tried to put that silly hat on it.

Just to clarify, by “fight” here, we mean “chase each other around the house until someone is declared victor.”

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Schrödinger’s Cat vs. Pavlov’s Dog




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