Kessel Fun-Run (12-Parsec Race to Cure Wookiee-Pox)

“Kessel Fun-Run (12-Parsec Race to Cure Wookiee-Pox)” by John Sprengelmeyer aka Captain RibMan

NOTE: This is not an actual race. If it were, you would lose because it is a very long, long way to run and, since it is in space, you would have very poor traction.

“Racing to cure Wookiee-Pox across the galaxy; Helping those near, near your heart.”

This is a shirt for the 34th Anniversary 12-Parsec Kessel Fun-Run. Grab your Glitterstim Spice and help find a cure!

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Kessel Fun-Run (12-Parsec Race to Cure Wookiee-Pox)