Stark Industries

“Stark Industries” by Uber Torso


My Stark Industries shirt arrived from Uber Torso in a custom-printed plastic mailer. Upon opening the package, I found the shirt neatly folded inside a clear plastic sleeve. The clear plastic revealed the Uber Torso ticket stub hang tag (nice touch!) with a code which I later found out is a coupon for a discount on the next purchase. Upon opening the clear sleeve, I found a thank you note and a couple Uber Torso branded stickers.

The shirt is a 1-color design of white ink on a navy blue shirt. The design is cleanly printed, and has nice, sharp edges. The shirt fit as expected and was very comfortable.

Overall, I am very pleased with my first shirt from Uber Torso. The little touches like the hang tag, thank you note, and stickers, show that Uber Torso takes pride in their shirts.

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Stark Industries


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