Star Trek Original Series Dress

Gene Roddenberry envisioned a world where men and women of all races could serve side-by-side on a starship, all in a time when racial inequality was the norm, and when the so-called glass ceiling was made out of solid duranium. The uniforms he originally envisioned for females looked exactly like the mens’ uniforms, but were likely changed due to network pressure to something a bit more feminine. Despite the objectification, it worked – women could still be feminine, but maintain positions of authority and showed strength.

ThinkGeek worked through their suppliers and finally got hold of these fantastic mini-skirt style tunic tops for all the awesome geekgirls out there! Live out your shipboard fantasies of breaking through Klingon jamming signals, or manning the auxiliary ops station, or arming photon torpedoes! Perhaps you’re sent on an away mission where you have to fire hand-phasers at marauding rock-monsters! Either way, you’ll be cool and comfortable in this super-soft cotton mini dress in Operations red with flex and flock insignia.


* 100% cotton Red tunic-dress
* Flex and flock Star Trek Operations insignia
* Soft, stretchy and machine washable
* Perfect for cosplay, conventions, or just wearing around the house!

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Star Trek Original Series Dress



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